when the journey is more important than the destination  



First of all, you're probably wondering why you would even want a wedding video? Especially since you're gonna have the wedding photos. But how would you like to have something to show your children that shows the two of you as living, breathing human beings? You might want to look back at your first dance and see how your dress moves and catches the light or just see yourselves at one of your happiest moments. Hear your laughter and see your emotions. Think of all that lost between a still camera's clicks. The moment's they miss. That's all recorded in one fluid motion.

And we know. If you've seen one wedding video, you've pretty much seen them all. Yeah, the flowers look pretty and it's really cute when the groom cries, but all too often, there is something missing.

This is where we shine. We get to know each couple on an individual level so that we know exactly what you want to take with you from your wedding experience on your journey through life together. So how are we different from eveyone else? We give you a quality and entertaining video that isn't just entertaining to the two of you. We give you something that won't bore you or your friends, an heirloom that lets you relive one of the happiest experiences in your life over and over, whenever you'd like.

We realize how important this event is to you, and know that you put a lot of money and attention into it. Our emphasis is on capturing all the details and beauty of your wedding with a discerning eye. And the best part is that you won't even notice that we're there. Our unobtrusive approach lets all of your focus be on enjoying every moment of your wedding day.

Take a look at our demos and the packages we offer, and see which best fits what you had in mind. We also offer an array of à la carte options so that the packages can be customized to fit each couple's specific, and unique interests.